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Old Truck and the Flood by Jennifer Somervell & Margery Fern. Pub. Tales from the Farm Publications 2021.

February 9, 2021 Comments off

This delightful and informative picture book is the third about the Old Truck – in reality a 1921 Model 10 Republic. All the books in this series by the two sisters are previewed elsewhere on this blog.

This story is based on the 2004 storm that caused the Tongariro River to break it’s banks and flood parts of the town of Turangi near Lake Taupo.

Old Truck is in the garage when it happened and the flood water got up to his, pretty high anyway, much to his discomfort. His engine is silted up from the volcanic soil and it looks like that is it for Old Truck. Fortunately there is some positive thinking in Old Truck’s family and perhaps his days are not over yet.

Check it out and see what happens. It is a well told story of a natural disaster.

Excellent illustrations which show a portrait of country life the highlight of which is the character of Old Truck. In the back are real life pictures of old truck plus the weather circumstances and results of the 2004 flood..

Duggie the Buggy by Sam Wallace, illus. Shaun Yeo. Pub Scholastic 2012.

January 25, 2021 Comments off

This new picture book has a cover that says to the boys “pick me up and read me”. On the cover is a dune buggy that looks like it has had it’s day.

This is Duggie he runs on petrol and oil and can’t compete with the new mean battery run machine of Tessa the Turbo. Tessa nudges him out of the way in dune racing. Is this the end for Duggie?

Then Duggie meets an old friend with plenty of ideas called Ronnie the Rocket who teaches Duggie to aim for the stars. See how he gets on.

Clever rhyming text with detailed colourful illustrations enhance the text quite well. Much to look at and great to read-a -loud. Primary, pr school and even intermediate in appeal. Duggie is a cute sand dune.

Good themes of old technology verses new and the power of positive thinking.

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You Can Call me Katelyn by Keri T Collins, illus. Marcia Adams Ho.

May 3, 2019 Comments off

katelynYou Can Call me Katelyn by Keri T Collins, illus. Marcia Adams Ho. 

Katelyn is a charming girl who wants to teach us how to love ourselves and her positivity flows out of this picture book for children and adults.

Predicting how children will react to a book is difficult. I gave it to my granddaughters aged 8 and 9 and they said the parents were mean to give her a name that she didn’t like. I asked them did they want to change their names and it was met with an emphatic NO!

The text is easy to read and well placed within the illustrations but the real stars of this classy publication are the two page illustrations. Katelyn is just so likeable as a baby and a little girl and the reflection of her image in the sunglasses of her teddy bear on page one is superb. I also loved the coffee plunger and bickies with grannie and mommy.

Change can be a good thing and everybody has the power to change theirs and others lives by example. Give it a go. Further contact to:-