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What Does the Crocodile Say? by Eva Montanari.

November 3, 2018 Comments off

crocodileWhat Does the Crocodile Say? by Eva Montanari. Pub. Book Island, 2018.

This is for all the mothers and care givers who wonder what goes on with their child after they reluctantly leave them in tears at pre-school.

It begins with baby crocodile waking up and getting ready to go to pre-school with all the noises associated with preparation highlighted.

The other animals greet him when he arrives with all their noises especially the monkey with his ooh ooh aah aah, but what noise does little crocodile make? You?ve guessed it he wails when his mother leaves.

Then he enjoys his day but what noise will he make when his mum comes back?

Splendid pastel coloured illustrations and a great read- a-loud for those who like to make animal noises, like me.