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Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart.

September 3, 2017 Comments off

genuine fraudGenuine Fraud by E. Lockhart. Pub. Allen&Unwin, 2017.

This thriller/suspense novel for young adults is one of the best I have read. It is seriously good. It is about two girls who like each other but each has a different agenda that is going to cause conflict.

Imogen is a lucky girl. She was an orphan who was adopted by a rich couple who have been good parents to her, but she wants more. She feels that “being orphaned is a precondition for the making of a hero”. She is manipulative, a cheat and has superficial relationships that are damaging to those connected with her. She lives a life that mere mortals can only dream about.

Jule is from the other side of the tracks but born with a determination to better herself by what ever means is open to her. She is Machiavellian in her approach to life and people are going to get hurt on the way. She is fit, clever, violent a chameleon and has more accents than Mick Jagger. In Imogen she sees a pathway to a better life.

The two girls like each other but it is genuine fraud. The action is lively and takes the reader to London, New York, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Los Angeles and it shows you a life that is beyond most of us. Yet it is brutal.

The narrative technique is unique and makes for tension in the novel. It starts at chapter 18 near the end of the story then works backwards so that the action happens then you go backwards to see how and why. The ending is superb.

If you miss this one you will kick yourself

Loves Me Not. How to keep Relationships Safe by Lesley Elliott.

December 11, 2014 Comments off

loves me notLoves Me Not. How to keep Relationships Safe by Lesley Elliott. Pub. Random House, 2014.

This is not a fictional work but it contains very necessary advice about relationships that no-one ever tells you about. It is for teenagers and it approaches this topic by asking teenagers to ask the question “how do you expect your boyfriend or girlfriend to treat you and how do you treat him or her”?

It deals with Power and Control in relationships, Communication, threats and entitlements, Psychological, Physical and Sexual Abuse and how you should act as a friend if anyone you know is having problems with a partner over one of these topics.

Lesley Elliott gives her observations and advice based on the toxic and tragic relationship between her daughter Sophie and the manipulative and abusive Clayton Weatherston.

Meaningful chapters by School Counsellor Gayna McConnell about Navigating love and by Psychologist Nigel Latta about boys and relationships add valuable experience and advice.

Some of the best advice is given about safety on the Internet especially about how people are different on the net than they are in person and how information put on the net is there forever.

It is the sort of book that I would want my teenagers to read if I had the chance over again. Nigel Latta makes a very important point that “relationships do not get easier as you get older. They change in interesting and unexpected ways.

This book is about recognizing the danger signs. Short and very readible. None of your big academic words. Simple and such good advice.