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Lonesome. When You Go by Saradha Koirala.

July 11, 2016 Comments off

lonesomeLonesome. When You Go by Saradha Koirala.. Pub. Makaro press, 2016.

Thoroughly enjoyed this novel about rock bands, music, school and teenage angst. It was like, and I quote from the author, opening a hot meat pie and having all the meatiness flood out at you.

The main character and narrator is Paige, a cool bass player for a school Indie band called Vox Pop.The band aspire to win the Rockfest competition for high school bands, they think they are pretty good but life does not go smooth for them. They have musical differences and personal differences and of course problems about school and in their family life.

Paige has a best friend Lily who is flighty, another friend Molly who has an eating disorder and a sister Rose who has relationship problems but is a really good older sister.

The bass players role in any band is to keep a steady rhythm and Paige does this in spite of the chaos all around her. Two male band members have a thing about Paige and she doesn’t know it. Cool chicks never do.

The drama derives from the Rockfest competition, will they won’t they, then the ultimate crisis when a band member has to be replaced on the eve of the final.

Musos will love this book and it will fill a gap in many school collections.

Structured in day by day accounts during all 4 school terms and in the first term of the following year. Well written, witty, perceptive and real. As Bob Dylan once wrote “get sick get well, hang around the ink well”.

Out of Sight by Benedict Reid.

July 12, 2015 Comments off

out of sightOut of Sight by Benedict Reid. Pub. Young Entrepreeurs Ltd, 2014.

Rob is 16 and wants to get to know girls. He is American, comes from Seattle the home of grunge and when he meets a girl he likes he clams up. Everybody says the things he wished he had said. He is a hopeless case. Aren’t we all aroung lovely women?

Forming a band is a good way to attract girls so he does. Rob is singer, they have a very good guitarist, Dave,  a flakey drummer Jimmy. Rob isn’t all that good but the other two put up with him because they are just fooling around and because it is his garage they are practicing in.

Then Michelle joins the band with her base guitar and great voice. Rob knows when he is outclassed but wants to be associated with the band.

Then Rob meets Sarah in an unusual position, and finds a poster advertising a band competition. They call the band Out Of Sight and Rob enters the competition. he has a motive but you will have to read the book to find out what it is.

Rob decides to be manager and the rest of the novel concentrates on what it takes to manage a rock’n roll band.

Good stuff and an authentic teenage boy voice. easy to read, Nothing too stressful and ideal if music is your game.

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