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The Boy in the Olive Grove by Fleur Beale

October 4, 2012 Comments off

The Boy in the Olive Grove by Fleur Beale. Pub. Random House, 2012.

I always look forward to a Fleur Beale novel and this did not disappoint. It is a love story of sorts but there is more to it than that. After getting totally wasted and getting her stomach pumped out 18 year old Bess has to leave school or be expelled.

She gets home to find her father seriously ill and his business going down the gurgler. To make matters worse her older brother Hadleigh takes off for parts unknown and her mother acts like a frosty super bitch.

Not only that but Bess is haunted by two repetitive dreams, one about meeting a boy in an olive grove and the other about burning a woman believed to be a witch at the stake. Could it be a past life breaking through? Have we all been this way before? Make your own mind up about this.

Bess throws herself into resurrecting her fathers business with some inventive ideas and tries to get to the bottom of her dreams by consultingĀ  a psychologist. Some very interesting results.

There is much in this novel for teenagers to get into and I will leave you with a bit of advice from the book…”Tragic heroines are all very well in opera… but very tedious in real life”. There is a bit of both in this novel.