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Fire’s Caress by Lani Wendt Young. Pub. OneTree House, 2021

December 19, 2021 Comments off

A very readable novel for young adults that will have you compelled to read from beginning to end.

Set in Samoa with the backdrop of a post covid world and heavily involved in Samoan myth and legend and the protection of Samoan cultural life.

Billionaire Marc Gold, confident, not used to being denied, womaniser and a total smartarse, comes to Samoa to build a luxury resort for the super wealthy without giving any thought to the cultural and habitat damage he will cause. While walking in the forest where he will build the resort he is contacted by a beautiful woman who is of the Aitu, a Samoan demon who protect the forests and lakes. He goes missing for 3 days without recollection and when he returns he has a disease that causes him to have a hunger and it slowly covers his body.

Into the story comes Teuila a beautiful Samoan woman who has a strong gift of sculpture and has achieved World wide fame. She has a past of abuse and has been brought up in an orphanage on Samoa. She returns to Samoa to auction her works to support the home in which she was protected and brought up in. She meets Marc Gold who is strongly attracted to her, as she eases the effects of the body disease that he has contracted.

Gold wants to own her and while Teuila is attracted to his wealth she is supicious. These suspicions are confirmed by a now rich childhood friend and martial arts expert Keahi who conflicts with Marc Gold. Enter Bree, Teuila’s agent and the long lost mother and things begin to boil as Marc Gold tries to control Teuila and his behaviour becomes psychopathic.

What nobody knows is that Teuila is controlled by the Aitu and that a major battle is to be fought.

Don’t miss this, it is superb storytelling and although part of the Telesa World series it is a stand alone Novel in it’s own right. There is reference to characters from the Telesa world and the origins of the gifts that Teuila and Keahi have are explained by the connection to Telesa and their common past.

Samoan Heroes by David Riley illus. Michel Mulipola

November 27, 2015 Comments off

samoan heroesSamoan Heroes by David Riley illus. Michel Mulipola. Pub. 2015

Every culture needs it’s heroes and role models to be known and in a multi cultural society like New Zealand each culture needs to have equal value so that all can become one culture. This book of Samoan heroes and role models both male and female is combined with Samoan history and myth and legend to render a very accessible and readable publication. So often subjects such as this are too academic or too long winded to be of use of the students who want to use them. Not this book which I regard as an essential purchase for school libraries and even for the home.

Some of the people you will meet are sports heroes Tana Umaga, Davis Tua, Troy Polamalu, Luisa Avaiki and the kava king Ruben Wiki.

Legens include Tagaloalagi and the first Samoans, Ti’iti’i and the discovery of fire and Losi and how the taro came to Samoa.

Of real interest to meĀ  was the story of Leader of the Mau Tupua Tamasese Lealofi III who was a peaceful demonstrator before the better known Ghandi and Martin Luther King. It also reveals the disgraceful behaviour of the NZ Govt during the peaceful Mau protests in Apia in 1929.

You will not be disappointed in this book I wish I had had it to use when I worked for the national Library.



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