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Sisters by Raina Telgemeier.

June 25, 2019 Comments off

sistersSisters by Raina Telgemeier. Pub. Scholastic, NY,  2014.

This graphic novel for Intermediate and High school students is as the title suggests about the relationship between two sisters, Raina who is the eldest and Amara who is a feisty anatagonist.

Raina always wanted a sister and she pestered her parents to get one. There is an old saying that goes “don’t wish too hard for something or you might get it”.

Raina is delighted when Amara is born but her delight is short lived. Amara is not a shrinking violet and the two clash over everything until Raina is a teenager and Amara is knocking on the door. They have different tastes, behaviours, sense of humour and aspirations.

Then an incident happens that you will have to find out for yourself and it is always there between them. Then father loses his job and things become strained in the family. He finally gets a job and the family set off in the car to a family reunion in Colorado and everything changes.

Good family relationship stuff which the graphic illustrations highlight beautifully.

Visual readers and reluctant girl readers will find this easy to read. I read it in half an hour but you can take your time, if you want.

Miniwings. Firestorm’s Musical Muck-up by Sally Sutton, Illus. Kirsten Richards

May 19, 2018 Comments off

miniwingsMiniwings. Firestorm’s Musical Muck-up by Sally Sutton, Illus. Kirsten Richards. Pub. Scholastic, 2018.

This is the first of a new series mainly for girls who are getting more confident with reading.

It is about two sisters who play a flute and a violin and see six miniature horses that originally where given by their grandmother but come alive when adults are out of the room. Each horse has it’s own personality and this story is about Firestorm who lives up to his name.

The girls are doing a concert with their class for their parents and friends and organised by their teacher Miss Rose, who doesn’t have a boyfriend. Things start to go wrong when Firestorm pushes the fire alarm but will it get Miss Rose a boyfriend.

A good mix of fantasy and everyday hassles and problems. Written with gusto and plenty of humour and well illustrated by Kirsten Richards who captures all the moments and gives character to the Miniwings.

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The Cahill Witch Chronicles Book 1: Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood

April 18, 2012 Comments off

Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood. Pub. Razor Bill Penguin, 2012.

Sixteen year old Cate and her sisters Maura and Tess are spirited girls, but they must be careful. They are witches and live in a world dominated by men of the Brotherhood.

They are taught to be subservient to men and not be too opinionated, too educated, too odd or curious. Even the stupidest of men is more intelligent than a woman. Wow!

To do so is to risk being tried as a witch and in the past witches have been tried and killed in their hundreds.

The sister’s mother died in childbirth and she was a witch. She leaves a diary in which is prophesised that three sisters will restore the power of the witches. Are Cate and her sisters those three girls? Read and find out.

Compelling writing and a great start to a new series. This book sees the development of the girls magical powers, their growing awareness of what they are up against, and the astonishing world in which they grow up in. Jane Austen meets Stephenie Myer.

Some would say it is a girlie book. I disagree. I was captivated by it and will certainly be looking for the sequel when it comes out.

For high school students. Lots of titillating romance and concern for a lady’s virtue. Whew!