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The Dead I know by Scot Gardner

The Dead I know by Scot Gardner. Pub.  Allen & Unwin, 2011.

This is a brilliant novel for senior High school students and Young adults.

It is so powerful that the realism of it overwhelmed me. It is mesmerising.

Aaron has just left school and he gets a job in a funeral parlour with a great character called John Barton who is a saviour for Aaron. John Barton cleans Aaron up,  haircut, dresses him for the part and teaches him everything to know about the death profession.

Aaron is a natural but he has demons of his own. He lives with his mother in a carvan park and she suffers from dementia. To make matters worse Aaron has a recurring nightmare that causes him to walk in his sleep. He sometimes wakes 5 kilometers from his home.

To tell you any more would ruin it for you, but once you start you will be compulsively attracted to reading this novel like I was. Look for a cameo role by John Barton’s daughter Skye, she is just brilliant.

Scot Gardner has a style of writing that dazzles you. He writes short chapters that move the plot along and keep you reading when you really want to stop. I guess if a phrase can sum up this story it is “To truly know death, you’d have to have loved”.

Get it and read it. This novel has the wow factor!