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Bootsie You’re 8 by Mike James

Bootsie You’re 8 by Mike James. Pub. Vivid Publishing, 2010.

I have just caught up with this Junior fiction series for reluctant readers especially boys in the age group 8yrs-12yrs.

This is book one and it is about an 10 year old boy who plays for the South Bulldogs under 11 rugby team. They have a former international as a coach and are threatening to win the Grand Final but do they have the skill, the attitude and the team work to do it?

This book looks at the game of rugby, all the positions and the rules and it uses Bootsie and his mates to tell a good sporting yarn. Mixed in is good old fashion boy’s farting humour and of course the horror of playing in a pink shirt.

Short, larger print and good fun. Many boys will find a reason to read these and it is World Cup year. Can the All Blacks do it this time? Please say yes.