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Danger Dolan Countdown by Danger Dolan.

January 21, 2018 Comments off

danger dolanDanger Dolan Countdown by Danger Dolan. Pub. MacMillan 2017.

This is a title for those potential readers who like facts and non fiction but can be made readers.

Danger Dolan is a blogger on Youtube and now his snappy style is available in book form, so you can read the book and check out the blog as well.

Here are some of the things you will find out:- The Blue Whale is the largest animal that has ever existed on Earth and is still around no thanks to humans. The Ancient Egyptians inadvertently discovered anti biotics when they placed mouldy bread on wounds to help them heal. Mark Inglis and Phil Doole were stranded in a snow cave on Mt Cook for 13 days, both lost their legs but Mark was later to become the first double amputee to climb My Everest. He lost fingers in the process. The catacombs beneath Paris contain over 6 million bodies. And at Svalbard an island in the Arctic ocean is a depository for more than 466 million crop seeds in the event of a catastrophe here on Earth.

This is a great book to have at home or in the school library. The facts are well presented and there is a questionnaire in the back to test how well you have read the facts.

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