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The Moon Show by Carmen Gloria.

December 8, 2019 Comments off

moon showThe Moon Show by Carmen Gloria. Pub. UNCOMMON GRAMMAR, 2019.

This delightful picture book is narrated by our Moon. He has relationships with the more than 170 moons in our Solar system and he tells us something unique about a few Moons that orbit the 8 planets in our system.

Our own moon isn’t made of cheese, as some suspect, and I doubt that a cow ever jumped over it. But humans have walked on it and it has been the subject of many a good song like Blue Moon and Dark Moon.

Mercury and Venus have no moons, we have one and Mars has Phobos and Deimos which are moving in different directions. Jupiter has 79 moons  and we look at Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. Saturn has 80 moons and we look at Enceladus, which sounds like the delicious Mexican dish enchiladas, but is in fact almost frozen solid.

Check out the moons of Neptune and Uranus and learn that the non planet Pluto has 5 small moons. Some moons have not been named yet but one of the latest on Neptune was named Hippocamp.

A good tale with some home spun philosophy amongst the information about the moons.

Check out Thank You Mercury and Dear Pluto also reviewed on this blog.

Great for a beginners start of a study about the solar system and as a read aloud story for juniors and primary students.

The Moon & Farmer McPhee by Margaret Mahy Illustrated by David Elliot

November 11, 2010 Leave a comment

The Moon & Farmer McPhee by Margaret Mahy. Illus. David Elliot. Pub. Random House, 2010.

A lovely picture book this which will no doubt be a contender in the children’s book awards next year. A new combination of writer and illustrator and a successful one at that.

Simple plot centred on the effects of the moon on both animals and man and a bit of the old message of “taking it easy and appreciating the world around you”.

The cover and early pages show a rather sad looking farmer McPhee, with all the worries of the world going round in his head, plodding  home, head down and pitchfork over his shoulder. The animals are looking at a wonderful moon and show concern for  farmer McPhee, who is oblivious of the beauty around him.

The joy of the animals whisking and frisking in the moonlight wakens Farmer McPhee who is at first angry, but then sees the beauty of the moonlit world around him and then joins the animals in their wild wonder.

Margaret Mahy’s written text  as always is inspiring.  Factual and whimsical, using rhyme and alliteration to the fullest effect. She creates a happy world that children will love to hear read to them over and over again and also to read themselves. It’s what you expect of Margaret Mahy.

David Elliot’s illustrations are masterful. He creates the magic of the countryside, the joy of the animals and the madness of the moon wonderfully well. The unity of written text and illustrations is absolute.

The foldout middle pages and barndoor ending will get children physically involved with the story.

Just perfect.

An essential purchase for all primary school libraries, and a great read-a-loud for juniors.

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