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Something from Nothing by Damian Synadinos featuring Hank and Stella.

July 25, 2018 Comments off

something nothingSomething from Nothing by Damian Synadinos featuring Hank and Stella. Pub. Hank & Stella books, 2018.

Childhood imagination is a wonderful thing. Harnessing that imagination to create something out of nothing is what this picture book is all about.

Glove puppets Hank and Stella are bored. They recall a time when they once put on a show and perhaps they should do it again, but how?

The author then guides them through the techniques of Improvisation using rhyming text to float the ideas and highlighting important points with darker text and whole pages to emphasise important points.

There are no wrong ideas, every idea can be built upon rather than rejected and it is a group thing. It is what we call in New Zealand Theatre Sports and it is heaps of fun.

Then when the points are made Stella and Hank invite you the reader into their world. Wonderful.

Not just a picture book for kids. An important lesson for parents, caregivers and teachers.

Simply illustrated and good to read aloud. try it and see at