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Middle School: Jacky Ha-Ha by James Patterson. illus. Chris Grabenstein.

May 16, 2016 Comments off

jackie hahaMiddle School: Jacky Ha-Ha by James Patterson. illus. Chris Grabenstein. Pub. Penguin,Random House, 2016.

Another little gem from the author and illustrator who have brought the Middle School series of comedy novels to reluctant boy and girl readers who like stories of kids their own age doing weird and wonderful things. All in the best possible taste of course. If you took all the jokes that are in these novels you would have a one person comedy show.

Middle schooler Jacky Ha-Ha tells this story on the eve of the Academy Awards in which she is a nominee for best actress. She writes to tell her daughters of her childhood with all the antics she played, all the mistakes she made, all the fun she had doing it and all the wonderful teachers parents and family who supported her along the way.

It starts with a vow she made one night after climbing a ferris wheel, a stunt she later repeats with different results and then moves though her part as Snoopy in the play Your a good man Charlie Brown and a speech she made in a competition in which she has to overcome a stuttering impediment.

It ends with the outcome of the Academy Awards but you will have to read the novel to find out what happens. Good family values and lots of laughs. What kept me going was wanting to know if her hunk of a father was two timing with the prettiest girl on the beach.

Have fun reading this. lots of theatre talk and as always Chris Grabenstein’s illustrations enhance the plot and the characterisation and add another dimension to the humour.