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Torty and the Soldier- a Story of a True WW1 Survivor by Jennifer Beck, illus. Fifi Colston.

March 15, 2017 Comments off

tortyTorty and the Soldier- a Story of a True WW1 Survivor by Jennifer Beck, illus. Fifi Colston. Pub. Scholastic, 2017.

Torty is a tortoise from Greece and is New Zealand’s oldest survivor of the Great War 1914-1918. He was rescued by a New Zealand Ambulance Corps volunteer named Stewart who preferred to save lives rather than fight.

Torty was crushed by a gun carriage, rescued and nursed to Health by Stewart at the Salonika field hospital for wounded soldiers. The hospital was bombed during the war  and off the coast the Marquette was torpeoed with over 100 nurses and medical orderlies lost.

Torty’s tale is told in conjunction with the war history and his trip back to New Zealand as an illegal immigrant. He still lives in Dunedin with the relatives of Stewart and is estimated to be over 200 years old.

Jennifer Beck sensitively tells the story and Fifi Colston’s illustrations of the War, the soldiers the Greek landscape and of course Torty to whom she gives life, are terrific.

Just in time for ANZAC Day and a reminder of a war story that is unlike any other.Valuable for every school library and in the home, for primary and intermediate school students but adults will love it too.

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Hugo and the Tortoise by Raja Hidzir

June 3, 2014 Comments off

hugo tortoiseHugo and the Tortoise by Raja Hidzir.  Pub. Thumbnail Books, 2014.

Hugo finds a tortoise on his way home from school and decides to use him in a unique class project. He puts a video camera on the tortoise’s shell to give a view of how he sees the world.

However not everybody in Hugo’s home is happy with the new arrival.

Things do not go well on the project with the tortoise, now called Boris who insists he is not a turtle, goes missing.

A few days later the video camera turns up in the post at Hugo’s home telling a story that not all will be happy to reveal.

Good story with simple  illustrations that show Hugo’s and Boris’s worlds and enhance the written text. The tortoise is adorable.

There is a poos and wees joke so young children will love it.

Self published by a new writer and i wish him well. A good read-a-loud for primary students.