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Department 19 Book 3: Battle Lines by Will Hill

April 27, 2013 Comments off

battle linesDept 19 Bk 3: Battle Lines by Will Hill. Pub. HarperCollins, 2013.

Boy was I looking forward to this book coming out and if you are a follower of the series then you are in for another treat.

At the end of the last book The Rising, Dracula was on the rise and Department 19 was discovered to have a traitor within in the person of Prof. Talbot alias Christopher Reynolds.

When the vampires led by the powerful Valerie Rusmanov attack the Loop, Department 19 is in tatters. Their Director Henry Seward is missing but Jamie managed to kill the traitor and things in the Department are in for a shake up.

The Operational trio of Larissa, Matt and Jamie are split up. Matt becomes part of the Lazarus Project which is seeking a genetic way to remove or cure vampirism. Larissa joins the Americans and Jamie is set for a role that is going to give him a few surprises as he pursues 300 escaped psychiatric patients who have been turned into vampires.

To say too much more would ruin it for fans, except to say there are now only 54 days to the complete rise of Dracula. Holy moly it is exciting. If you are going to read this form of horror then read the best. This is it.

Lots of blood gore and action plus amazing technology and a bit of journalistic ethics for the older reader. The way Will Hill manages the plot is outstanding.

Wide reading appeal from Intermediate to young adult. If you pick this up you will not put it down. It is blood curdling. The vampires haven’t given up but neither has Department 19 and it’s no holds barred.

The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda

June 8, 2012 Comments off

The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda. Pub. Simon & Schuster, 2012.

This novel for High school students and young adults is one of the most thrilling novels I have ever read. Simple as that.

Gene is a 17 year old human living in a population of “people” who look exactly like humans but they are a combination of vampire and zombie. They do not sweat or have goose bumps, they express amusement by scratching their wrists, they sleep hanging upsidedown and they only come out at night.

What is so chilling is they love human beings as meat and blood. They call humans hepers and they drool just thinking about them. If they see one they go into a feeding frenzy.

Gene has learned to live and go to school amongst them. He thinks he is alone.  But are there others doing the same?

Gene wins a compulsory lottery to go on a heper hunt but will he expose his true identity before it takes place.

Ingenious plot, totally believable, outstanding action and written in a manner that will keep you tense for the whole book.

If you miss this one then you are mad. and a word of advice – savour every word.


Department 19: The Rising by Will Hill

April 6, 2012 Comments off

Department 19 Pt 2. The Rising by Will Hill. Pub. HarperCollins, 2012.

If you read the first book then you will devour this. Even if you didn’t you can read this as the gaps are filled in for you.

Vampire books are an acquired taste and this series is the best since the Darren Shan series.

Jamie, Kate and reluctant vampire Larissa work for secret Government organisation Department 19 which has impressive resources dedicated to keeping people safe from vampires. They have a hellava job as vampires are everywhere.

Department 19 was formed by the men who dealt to Dracula in Bram Stoker’s novel and their descendants now run the department.

After battling and killing powerful vampire Rusmanov in the last book it is discoverd that Dracula’s remains have been stolen and mixed with blood and he is on the rise. But where?

Jamie, Kate and Larissa have 91 days to find and destroy Dracula before he reaches the zenith of his powers. Can they do it?

700 pages of blood curdling action that takes you from Russia to USA. There is a love triangle in there as well.

For high school and young adults. Don’t read it at night.

Infernal Devices Bk. 2 Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

December 16, 2011 Comments off

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare. Pub. Walker Books, 2011.

This novel is Charlotte Bronte and Jane Austen meets  black magic and young love in a Dickensian type world. Plenty of blushing amongst the savagery and fantasy.

When Will was 12 years old he opened a mysterious box in his parents room and released a demon who tried to kill him. He was saved by his sister Ella who dealt to the demon. In retaliation the demon cursed Will saying anyone who loved him would die. In the morning his sister Ella has died a horrible death.

Now Will is a dark brooding handsome 17 year old, as shown on the book cover, and he is terrified of loving anyone or having anyone love him. Onto the scene comes American girl Tessa who he is strongly attracted to, and she to him. Can it ever be?

The dark Victorian world is ruled by the Clave whose job is to keep demons and a host of nasties out of this world. There are different levels of humans in this magical world from Mundanes, Shadowhunters and warlocks. Will is a Shadowhunter and Tessa is unknown but she has the skill of a shapeshifter in that she can possess something of another person, hold it in the hand and get inside the mind  of that other person. Wow!

In Book 1 Clockwork Angel a magister called Mortmain broke into the London Institute killed a family, stole something precious and is known to be trying to create a an army of clockwork monsters to destroy the world of the Clave.

Complicated? Definitely but it is good fantasy of the darkest nature. Teenage readers who liked Twilight and similar fantasies will adore this. Also read Cassandra Clare’s first series The Mortal Instruments.

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Department 19 by Will Hill

Department 19 by Will Hill. Pub. HarperCollins Childrens Books, 2011.

Jamie Carpenter is watching his father get out of his car late at night when he hears an ungodly noise. He looks at the tree overhanging the driveway and sees a shape but no shadow. Then an armed force is all over the place, the shape disappears but his father is gunned down. What the heavens is going on?

Then a very pale but beautiful young woman called Larissa is clawing at his window with blood all over her face. Got it yet? Yes this is a book about vampires and a hi-tech agency called Department 19 or Blacklight, who are committed to keeping society safe from vampires.

This is the first part of an action adventure vampire series in which a teenage boy is thrust into a do or die situation using all the modern gadgetry available to stop the progress of vampires, and boy is it exciting and compulsively readable.

There is an intelligent, literary angle to the story as well. It takes the view that Bram Stoker in his Dracula book and Mary Shelley in her Frankenstein novel were actually writing true stories. Dracula was killed but he left behind three evil brothers, the oldest of which Alexandru is the ultra villain in this novel. Alexandru is the second oldest vampire on the planet, he is immensely powerful and he has captured Jamie Carpenter’s mother. Add Victor Frankenstein as a protector of Jamie Carpenter and Department 19, who are run by the descendants of those that killed Dracula, and you have an update of an old story with action aplenty.

The history of vampires in London and in new York is thrilling. Vampires are everywhere but can they be stopped? Lots of gore but that is what you expect. This novel provides the history of the characters and sets up the series. I for one will be reading them all.

Intermediate and High school students will devour these books so get in while you can. This series is going to be big.

Chronicles of Blood: Empire of the Undead

September 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Empire of the Undead by Gary Cross. Pub.Puffin Books, 2010.

Just when you thought that it was safe to go into your library because of all the vampire books, another series comes out.

I thought I was over vampires after Twilight, Trueblood and Darren Shan but then this series by New Zealander Gary Cross came to my attention.

Fortunately Gary Cross has introduced an historical dimension by basing his stories on the high seas, in Mexico and on the pilgrims that settled America in 1666.

In brief Mary Shire has become a vampire and turned into one of the undead byFather Baldwin an evil man who wants to rip the throat out of every human he can sink his teeth into. Mary’s brother Peter and a vampire slayer Lucius chase the boat load of vampires across the Atlantic to destroy them.

At the same time Spanish Conquistador Capt Romero and his men are seeking gold in the Aztec Empire in Mexico where vampires have also taken root.

Throw in pirate Henry Morgan and you have a bloodthirsty story that will curdle your blood.

If you like vampire stories with lots of action, blood and a bit of history sink your teeth into this home grown series.

Suitable secondary students and some intermediate.