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Donnel’s Promise by Anna MacKenzie.

June 16, 2014 Comments off

donnel's promiseDonnel’s Promise by Anna MacKenzie. Imprint. Longacre, 2014.

The sequel to Cattra’s Legacy, set in the land of Elgard in which their are five Duchies and a tenuous peace between them.

Risha is the daughter of Cattra and Donnel and is heir to the Duchies of Havre and Le Marc but not everybody in Elgard is happy with this. There are enemies in both Duchies and from the surrounding Duchies with the biggest villain of them all being Goltoy. a brutal man.

It was Goltoy that was responsible for the death of Cattra and it is Donnel’s Promise to destroy her killer. This is a novel of intrigue, of spies, of informers, of traitors, of evil  and thankfully of goodness, loyalty and love.

Risha’s arrival at Havre is awkward for her. She is not comfortable in what the locals wish of their new ruler. She is still only 16 and has things to do and places to see. She is quickly involved with the intrigue and is yet to find out who are her friends and who are her enemies. Some wear the same trousers and skirts for that matter.

Beautifully told by Anna MacKenzie and the real treat for me was the land of Elgard. I never tired of reading about Caledon Water or the river El or lactstone marsh or the harbour towns of Le Marc and Havre. It is a Middle Age era of carts, barges and horses. Messages are carried by pigeons and couriers and information is by rumour or word of mouth.

Risha is a heroine that you want to do well. She is brave, beautiful, intelligent, witty and daring. What more could you want in a young woman, oh she is rich too. She has a special talent that is to  aid her cause known as the Havre Gift. Read the novel and find out what it is. She is starting to notice men as well.

Secondary school students mostly but good intermediate readers will devour it too. I suspect there may be a third book.