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The Rains by Gregg Hurwitz.

December 22, 2017 Comments off

the rainsThe Rains by Gregg Hurwitz. Pub. Penguin Random House, 2018.

I like zombie novels but this is one that differs from other zombie novels because it appears the zombies are controlled by something else. You will have to read the novel to find out what.

The novel is written in diary entries by 15 year old Chance Rain. He warns the reader to take notice as “your life depends on it”.

On a clear night an asteroid slams into the Creeks’s Cause valley and a week later stalks grow to maturity and spout pollen into the air in a process Chance calls the Dusting. The spores attack the frontal brain lobe of everybody over the age of 18 years, lasering their eyes out so that membrane covered clear holes appear in their heads. These former humans then attack and capture all kids and put them in cages.

The male zombies are the lumbering kind with immense strength, while the females  are rapid moving cat like creatures that lunge like lions and tigers. Both types are called Hosts as it appears they are the host of a zombie spore. The action involving the zombies is thrilling.

Chance Rain, his older brother Patrick and his girlfriend Alex escape the zombie hordes and shack up in the locked school complex. Meanwhile the zombies rove the towns and appear to have a mission about them. What is it? Is the valley the only victim of this spore attack? Patrick is only a week away from turning the magic age of 18 years. Will he turn into a zombie?

Then the surviving group find out some stunning information. Read it and find out what.

A stunning ending that will leave the reader with questions but have no fear a sequel titled Last chance is published at the same time. Watch this space.

Shoutykid by Simon Mayle

June 24, 2014 Comments off

shoutykidShoutykid by Simon Mayle.  Pub. HarperCollins, 2014.

A book with high boy appeal. It is funny, it is ridiculous, the main character is witty and crazy, it is narrated in short email letters between hero Harry Riddles and various people and it is illustrated with illuminating drawings.

What else can I say?

Harry Riddles is 10 and he appreciates that his parents are in financial crap. Film script writer father has a flop on his hands and family finances are on the brink.

Harry has a cousin in California and the two play an online game The World of Zombies. Harry is very good. How can he convert the only thing he is good at into money and save his family. Answer a film about Zombies.

He writes to everyone including the Queen, Dr Dref, the British PM, Harry Styles of One Direction, looking for support. In the end it is down to him A film about a vegetarian zombie is ruled out but one called Eat the Parents maybe successful.

Read it and find out. Loads of fun for primary, intermediate and even some secondary students.

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

December 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. Pub.Vintage Books, 2010.

This is a senior secondary/young Adult book and it is about zombies. In fact it is a zombie love story.

It is set in a decaying world in which zombies rule and feed on humans. They particularly like the human brain and they eat it in small chunks because each mouthful gives them the experience and memory from the human from whom the brain came.

R is a zombie although a recent zombie. He doesn’t really know as he has no memory of being an ordinary human. He has no sense of taste, any sexual feelings have gone and he is decaying away at a slow rate. He cannot form sentences and talks in two word phrases with that gap in between. Worst of all he knows neither how long his present condition will last nor if he will eventually decay away to bones and die.

The zombies all live at the airport now deserted by humans and every so often they do a human hunt in the decaying city. These are blood thirsty and violent as the zombies dismember humans and eat them, leaving the choice bit, the brain, for last.

R has a friend M and on a raid in the city, R takes a live human woman and disguises her in blood and gore so that she looks like a zombie. Why does he do this? How does the human, Julie feel about it? Can a zombie fall in love? and deeper still can a human woman fall in love with a zombie? The biggest challenge is to keep Julie a secret from M and the other zombies.

I never promote a book without hope and in the second part of this novel hope arrives, but will it be allowed to persevere?

Interesting stuff. I was amused, revolted, mentally stimulated and heartened at the same time. Stephenie Myer said “I never thought I could care so passionately for a zombie”. I think I feel the same.

I will let you make your own mind up. But it is definitely senior literature. If you want something very different then this is it.