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One Perfect Pirouette by Sherryl Clark

One perfect Pirouette by Sherryl Clark. Pub. University of Queensland Press, 2010.

This is a wonderful reassuring story of a family that makes sacrifices to help a young girl pursue her dreams of attending the Australian School of ballet.

Brynna shows real talent at ballet and her teacher recommends that she move from Bendigo in the country to Melbourne, and take lessons from a respected ballet teacher to enhance her future plans and dreams. The whole family is not committed to these plans with older brother Tam leaving the family to return home to pursue his plans and dreams. Family pressures!!

The parents, who are excellent role models, in spite of financial hardship and personal pressures, give Brynna every chance to excel and achieve her goals. Not everything goes well but no-one loses sight of the goal.

Brynna has to contend not only with family pressures but with opposition and hostility from other girls wanting to succeed in the ballet world. One character Stephenie is a particularly nasty piece of work.

An interesting facet of this story is how physically demanding ballet is and how superbly fit the dancers are. Sherryl Clark masterfully compares Brynna’s quest with those of her brother Orrin as he strives to succeed in Aussie Rules football. In fact this book could have been about any sport at all, male or female.

There are lots of jetes, arabesques and pirouettes in the book and I for one learnt a lot. Brynna is an excellent character and there are some noteworthy male characters like Brynna’s brother Orrin and her secret friend Ricky.

This is not a girlie book, both sexes will enjoy this novel. You will love the ending.

An excellent story for Intermediate and junior secondary school students.

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