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Mr Postmouse goes on Holiday by Marianne Duboc.

April 19, 2017 Comments off

postmouse holidayMr Postmouse goes on Holiday by Marianne Duboc. Pub. Book Island, 2017.

A splendid sequel to the first Mr Postmouse picture book which is also reviewed on this blog.

Mr Postmouse his wife and three children go on a World holiday, but of course a postmans lot is never done and he takes some mail to deliver as well.

They visit a forest and a beach then take a cruise ship to a volcanic island, a camel train across the desert and to other exotic locations.

Each two page spread has it’s own story to tell and detail for children to ponder over. For example in the forest we meet Hansel and Gretel on their way to the house made of sweets and gingerbread.

There are also little bubles that look at creatures living their lives underground, there is even an igloo.

Lots of fun in this easy to read publication.

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999 Tadpoles Find a new home by Ken Kimura, Illus. Yasunari Murakami

October 21, 2010 Leave a comment

999 Tadpoles find a new home by Ken Kimura, Illus. Yasunari Murakami. Pub Gecko Press, 2010.

It is not often I review a picture book on this blog but this one tickled my fancy.

It is a Japanese story first published in 2003 but brought to us thanks to Gecko Press who do a lot of this and I am so glad they do.

Mother and father frog produce 999 eggs in a small pond and when all of them hatch into tadpoles and grow into frogs, things are a bit tight. They have to move, and away they go in single file across land.

The journey is like all journeys with children. “Are we there yet?” ” What is this dad?” as they drag out a sleeping snake.

A hungry hawk interrupts the journey to produce  a surprise ending.

Yasunari’s  illustrations are simple and expressive and fully support, indeed add to the impact of  the written text.

Read-it Read-it read-it. This is for everyone.

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