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The Bully Chip by Glenn Wood

July 19, 2013

bully chipThe Bully Chip by Glenn Wood. Pub. Walker Books, 2013.  

Callum with his state-of -art wheelchair, his friend Sophie with her hi-tech nous, and their accident prone friend with the spasmodic thumb, Jinx, are embroiled in this sequel to The Brain Sucker, previewed earlier on this blog.

This time two bullies come to their school and pick exclusively on them using texts that disappear after being read and all sorts of hi-tech wrangles. The friends do not back down and take on the bullies but they are up against an evil power that could be disastrous for them.

Could Lester Smythe be behind it? This time kids are having a bullying chip put in their brains and the plan is to put one in every school in the country. I thought they were anyway. This time the bullies are co-ordinated and fierce. Can they be stopped?

This n0vel is great fun with laudible heroes. Callum and Sophie are great role models and Jinx has his place in spite of being heavily put upon. Ideal as a class read-a-loud for school years 5-8 and for reluctant readers in the same age group. I enjoyed it

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