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Maori Art for Kids by Julie Noanoa & Norm Heke.

November 15, 2014

maori artMaori Art for Kids by Julie Noanoa & Norm Heke. Pub. crag potton Publishing, 2014.

As a former reference librarian for schools requests one of the hardest requests to do well was for a practical and easy to read book on teaching Maori Art and Culture. Most books were too academic and inaccessible to children at primary school level.

This work solves all of that. It uses the works of 15 artists who have works involving many aspects of Maori Art which are displayed in whole page photographs. The opposite page tells a little of the artists thoughts on their creation, some advice from the artist then a short history and information on the role of the work in Maori life.

This is then followed by a double page spread on how to make the said item using easy to acquire materials and tools.

Works used include a heru or decorative comb – used by men mostly to tie up their long hair rather than by women as in Western cultures. Other items include Kete(bag), Wheku(mask) Poi, Hei Tiki Potaka(top) and kowwhaiwhai(scroll patterns).

Artists used have short biographies in the back including Robert Jahnke, Cliff Whiting and kohai Grace plus many modern artists.

There are templates in the back to help young children create their own art plus activities to work on.

Overall a very worth while resource for primary and intermediate schools.

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