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All By Myself by Jessica McGarvey

September 21, 2016

by-myselfAll By Myself by Jessica McGarvey.   2015.

Early readers are some of the most valuable reading resources that a child will ever have. they start the reading process and can engender a love of reading that hopefully lasts a life time.

This is one of those  books. A little boy gets out of bed, his drawings are on the wall, wakes up his dad to help him on with his boots. Then outside to sit on the tractor, then help feed the goat. A bit of hide and seek is fun and off to fly the kite. The kite soars over the farm and the little boy has enough confidence to wind it back in all by himself.

Simple text simple but expressive illustrations. A great confidence builder with the boy initiating the action, the father assisting and creating fun.A lovely piece of work for juniors.


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