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Tulip and Doug by Emma Wood & Carla Martell.

May 25, 2020

tulipTulip and Doug by Emma Wood & Carla Martell. Pub. Scholastic, 2020.

A delightful hard backed picture book that will enthrall you and readers of pre school and primary level.

Tulip has a friend that she takes with her everywhere. His name is Doug and he is a potato. She puts a face on Doug and he sleeps in his own bed in Tulips room.

They have fun together but Tulips father tells her that one day Doug will have to take the trip to the compost heap. One day when she is taking Doug for a trip in his pram, Tulip trips and Doug is missing. Where has he gone?

Then Tulip meets a boy who has a friend too and he asks Tulip Where is your potato?

Wnderful story about imaginary friends and the nature of friendship.

Doug is superbly drawn and looks remarkably like a former NZ politician. Tulip is delightful and her father is the father to be. A surprise ending.

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