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Kuwi’s Huhu Hunt by Kat Merewether

October 27, 2015

kuwis huhuKuwi’s Huhu Hunt by Kat Merewether. Published illustrated.co.nz    2015.

Sequel to Kuwi’s Egg reviewed earlier on this blog. Kuwi has a fussy eater for a chick. Huwee isn’t interested in huhu hummus, weta wontons, snail sushi, moth mince and other delicacies not even frog fudge.

Kuwi takes her chick on a hunt for food but huwee is holding out for something else. Check this title out and see what it is.

The text is minimal and demands to be read aloud and the characters of Kuwi and Huwi are delightful. There are some surprises amongst the illustrations, look for Anika the Moa. I thought the eel eclair looked delicious.

For juniors and pre schoolers. It is a load of fun

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